AISD Band Jamboree is a showcase of all the high school marching bands in AISD. We will be wearing our FULL UNIFORMS in both guard and band for the first time on Tuesday! Come watch us shine! LOCATION: Toney Burger Center (stadium) 3200 Jones Rd, Austin, TX 78745

I have exactly 2 free tickets for every student to give to parents/guardians/friends that want to attend. I will send them home with them at the end of Monday night’s rehearsal. Do not let them get in the car without them if you are wanting to attend. If you are not planning on attending please tell your student to not grab tickets, that way if I have some left over others can possibly get more than 2 on Tuesday morning.

We will feed EVERY student a pizza dinner (even those that did not order the meal plan. This meal is part of fair share). Your student should have filled out my questionnaire with any special dietary needs or stipulations earlier this week – or it should be mentioned on the medical release form you turned in on registration day. If you are unsure if you noted this information for us – please email me just to make sure we have that info!

ALL Students will be released at 4:30 with the bell. Section leaders will be released at 4:15 to get ready for students since this will be the first time in full uniform.


4:30 – released, everyone stop by the cafeteria for DINNER. Eat and then go change!!!

Section Leader Inspection 5:40

Everyone else Inspection 5:45

Once inspected IMMEDIATELY LOAD. We want to be leaving Anderson at 6pm.

There is no set schedule for Jamboree. The start time is 6:30pm and we move bands through as quickly as we can to get the kids home earlier. STUDENTS MAY BRING HOMEWORK TO WORK ON IN THE STANDS!!!

Performance order: 

Eastside Memorial





Ann Richards







We will leave immediately after Bowie’s performance.