Hey band families!

We are almost there, however we still have another week and a half of mornings out on the pavement field.  There are a few things we are not seeing enough of and while we preach it to the kids if we could have help from home as well that would be wonderful….

  • Drink a sports drink with electrolytes in addition to tons of water (I like to add gatorade to my water for the day and do half-and-half) .
  • Drink water throughout the evening once you get home
  • Eat a hearty breakfast.  No dairy, but fruit such as bananas and protein.  Eggs, toaster waffles, fruit are all great options.
  • Bring snacks to rehearsal to eat on breaks – pack some granola bars (with protein) and fruit and snack a little on every break.
  • MAKE SURE THE WATER BOTTLE GETS CLEANED EVERY NIGHT! I know there are some that ‘recycle’ their water because they forget to bring it home and I find the water bottle as I’m leaving for the evening.  Make it a habit to take it home and wash it, and bring it with FRESH water the next morning!

Thank you so much for your help….and thank you times a MILLION to the parents who are supplying us with ice rags daily.  You make a huge difference!!