I want to make sure EVERYONE is connected on the band app! Other than the BAND BLAST emails this is the NUMBER ONE way we communicate in the band!

EVERYONE – All STUDENTS and PARENTS (Guard and Band) need to join our ‘Anderson Trojan Band 2019-2020’ group on BAND – The app for groups and communities!https://band.us/n/a5a41fT0L4s7B

ALL GUARD and BAND PARENTS – Please join the parent app. This app is the same one as last year so if you are already a member – no need to rejoin. If you are not a member of the running parent app – please hop on! This is where you coordinate your parent seating and cheering section at games and competitions, ask questions that your child may not have told you the answer to and so on.

Hey, join our ‘Trojan Band PARENTS’ group on BAND – The app for groups and communities! https://band.us/n/a6aa13T4L7Rc3


Guard – you also have a BAND APP page of your own! Join these pages, but also make sure you are on the band pages above!!!

Hey, join our ‘Dance guard 2019-2020’ group on BAND – The app for groups and communities!https://band.us/n/aaac13T1L6y76

Hey, join our ‘Dance Guard PARENTS’ group on BAND – The app for groups and communities!https://band.us/n/abab11TcL8ybs