Desperately Needing Drivers for Saturday Mulch Delivery!!

Hey Band!

We are just five days away from Mulch D-day (Delivery Day) and are desperately needing PARENT drivers! SIGN UP HERE

We planned for 5 teams of one box truck (carrying mulch) and 1 or 2 followup vehicle(s) that can hold a total of 6 students (to unload said mulch.) The drivers of both box truck and followup vehicles are each needed for 3-hour shifts..

It’ll be great if you have a minivan/SUV that can hold all six students. Please comment how many students your vehicle can carry. 

It’ll be greater if you are able sign up for multiple shifts! Lunch is provided.

And it’ll be greatest if you could stay the entire day!! Holding breath and fingers crossed. 🙂

Would you please sign up to help out? We are in the homestretch now and only asking for just a little more time from each of you to take it to the finish line.   VIEW THE SIGN UP LINK HERE 

For questions, please email or call at 512.791.8072.

Thank you to YOU – our band community for all your love and support.

We “mulch” you very much! 😀

Go Trojan Band!

– Julie Ton | 512.263.8868