TOMORROW (Saturday) Kids will be getting a BOX LUNCH as well as DINNER.  They will get a water for the bus ride to and a water for the bus ride from as well as an ‘extra’ bottle of water.

It’s a great idea to send an extra bottle of water with your kid or fill their blue water jug with clean, safe water to save space.  We will take enough water to give kids throughout the day and no kid will be denied water – but that helps us to make sure everyone is taken care of!

A NOTE ABOUT RIDING THE BUS HOME from events:  As a general rule unless you are dealing with a conflict we do not allow kids to not ride the bus to or from an event.  HOWEVER, The band kids are juggling a TON of things this time of year!  We have a good handful meeting us here and there because of soccer, ACT…ect.  ALL deviations from riding the bus with the band need to go through Ms. Gonzalez AT LEAST 24 hours in advance so chaperones can be alerted and bus lists can be updated!  Thank you for helping us with our systems!! NO EXCEPTIONS!