Lots of great things happening for the Trojan Band and Dance Guard this week!  Hang with me….this is a long but very important and informative blast!!

Thursday our Solo Competition FInalists performed on the Anderson Stage for two distinguished judges.  We are very proud of their preparation and performance!  Finalists were Nick Tesmer, Kayleigh Churchett, Kokoro Maruo, Steven Oh, Blaise Nevarro, Alexis Townsend, Jun Gi Jung, Owen Chance, Liam Gompff, Jenaro Diaz, Alek Pach, Blake Anderton, Daniel Barrett and Johnnie McBryde.  The top three finalists will be awarded scholarship prizes from the Anderson Band Booster Association to be used toward their musical endeavors (equipment for their instrument or a music camp).  Daniel Barrett (First Place), Steven Oh (Second Place) and Liam Gompff (Third Place).  Congrats to all of these students on their musical achievements!!

Congratulations to the INDOOR DRUM LINE on their big WIN at the Akins Competition yesterday!  They were first place in their division~ Congrats to the Indoor group for their hard work and continued improvement!!

If you are a student advancing to Texas State Solo and Ensemble (TSSEC) by earning a 1C at UIL, you can either perform the same solo that you performed at UIL or you can change to a new class 1 solo.  If you change, you must memorize the new solo unless it is on the ‘No Memory List.’  Please COMPLETE THIS FORM with your solo choice NO LATER than March 7 (Thurs of this week).

There is a mandatory Hawaii Student Meeting during HOMEROOM TIME on Monday, March 11.  We will get you excused from homeroom to come to the band hall.  ALL STUDENTS TRAVELING MUST BE PRESENT.   We will be going over all student expectations, procedures and trip details for our trip at the end of that week.

If you are a student traveler or family traveling with us to HAWAII I have created a form that will compile all things that are ‘for Ms. Gonzalez’s radar.’  That is a much better information repository than my email inbox!    If there is anything you need me to know…or need on my radar…or special arrangements you and I have started PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM. 

March 12 and 13 We will be hosting the Region 18 Middle school band UIL.  We are looking for student and parent volunteers!  If you are a student that would like to help us with Middle School UIL and your teachers are willing to let you join us that day we would love to have you.  Parents – we need you too!  We are looking for volunteers from 7:30am to 6pm for full day or half day shifts at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center.  Lunch will be provided for volunteers!  If interested, SIGN UP HERE.

WIND ENSEMBLE STUDENTS:  Thank you for your Thorny Desert Recordings!  Reminder – start time for tomorrow is 8:45am.  Our clinician is Jeff Summers from University of Miami (they are performing Southern Harmony on an upcoming concert!) Sectional grade this week is the full rehearsal on Thursday morning from 8-9:45am.

FRIDAY we have a PEP RALLY!  You will need your SHOW SHIRT!  Brass make instrument arrangements with Mr. Cleveland.

Thanks for your patience with this long, info packed blast!  Have a fantastic week!

Ms. G