Congrats to the Anderson Winter Guard for earning 3rd place in their division in the first contest of the season at Georgetown High School yesterday!  I went to watch and they were breathtaking – tons of energy and a beautiful start to the season.  We are SO proud – hard work is paying off!

Thank you so much to our awesome basketball band Friday Night – I heard great things and I know the team and campus appreciated it!

Solo and Ensemble is this coming weekend!  Make sure you know your performance times and site – all are posted in the band hall!  Rehearsal #2 with your pianist will happen this week – keep practicing and preparing!  UIL solo and Ensemble will be at LBJ High School and Anderson local solo and ensemble will be at Anderson.

Sell your mulch – post on neighborhood sites and tell your friends!  If you know of businesses that need mulch give them the band mulch sales pitch!  Questions?  Contact Susana Campos


This coming Friday is a BIG Eligibility check – this grade card is what defines eligibility for UIL Concert and Sight reading contest.  You must be passing ALL classes with a 70 or above (exempt classes you may have one that is a 60 or above).  If you are not, you will be ineligible for UIL and the only chance you will have to redeem eligibility will be on the progress report.  After that….you are completely out for UIL. 

Please make turning in homework your number one priority.  I know it seems silly, but the biggest cause of a student failing is simply missing assignments.


Feb 10 – MANDATORY and GRADED – Solo and Ensemble

Feb 13 – Basketball Band!!! Last one.

Feb 17 – Winterguard day camp 12-7

Feb 20 – ANDERSON SOLO COMPETITION for students that have signed up

Feb 27 – FULL ORCHESTRA goes to UIL

Everyone have a wonderful week!

Ms. G