UPDATED on the website tab and HERE is a detailed itinerary.  Flight arrival times are in three waves, detailed there (3:30am, 3:45am and 4:30am).  You will look for your student’s flight number and that is the wave they need to arrive at the airport.

If there is ANY question and you are unsure, email Gonzalez OR  be safe and arrive at the airport at 3:30am.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT:  Go to the United Airlines Ticket Counter and find Mr. Nedley. He will point you in the direction of your flight lead/team.  Once a flight group is complete we will give everyone a group coordinated wristband and send you to check in and through security.

WITH ALL INSTRUMENTS:  Clearly mark them in several places.  Mark them with a luggage tag, and also masking tape on the outside of case with sharpie:  Name, address and phone number adhered to case.  Inside the case, on a small piece of paper write name, address and phone number as well and secure inside the case should outside markings become distorted or torn.