Dear Hawaii travelers,

If your child is traveling to Hawaii you need to put the following rehearsals on your calendar.  We will create one concert band of ALL students traveling (yes….it will be BIG) and they will all perform at the Pearl Harbor memorial.  It’s really an incredible experience and I am getting goosebumps writing this as I remember our performance 4 years ago.   That being said – we must hold a few mandatory rehearsals in the spring for us to put together a program for our ‘Hawaii Band.’

Feb 27  7:20am-8:50am

March 6  7:20-8:50am

March 13  7:20-8:50am

Once I see how that Feb 27 rehearsal goes I MAY add one more but I’m hoping we can accomplish what we need to in those three rehearsals.


Ms. Gonzalez