We are in a busy busy busy part of the year…..and I am having the hardest time getting folks to hop on board for tonight’s basketball band because we have several arts events tonight including Area auditions tomorrow and the sitzprobe rehearsal involving all of the band students playing in the musical.  What I am going to do – because I want us to have a strong showing, is cancel tonight’s basketball band but the other two are still on (and section leaders as they have been told are required to attend 2 basketball bands and musical musicians 1 basketball band).




9:00am Judges and Monitors in Auditorium

Student registration in respective rooms


Please see the attached list of room assignments. Warmup should be done in the Cafeteria. Once registration is complete, but prior to judge’s arrival to each room, students will be allowed a short warmup.


Please see attached maps of Akins HS campus.


Percussion equipment should be unloaded at the front of the Fine Arts building adjacent to the main (large) parking lot. Look for the doors just to the right of the Akins Marching Band Tower. Trucks, buses and cars can park in the main lot in front of the Fine Arts Building. Overflow parking can be found in the lot just to the south of this lot.


You may have been nominated by your Region Chair to judge. If your Region Chair has nominated more directors for an instrument than can be used, you have been asked to serve on another panel or to serve as a monitor. Thank you for your cooperation with this process and your willingness to serve in these critical roles.


Directors will have breakfast provided in the Fine Arts Foyer from 8:00-9:00am. A sandwich lunch will be provided in the Choir Room beginning at noon. Light snacks are also available in this area.

Concessions for students will be available throughout the day in the cafeteria.


Before leaving campus, make sure your All State students register, get housing information and pay the All State Fee (your Region Chair may be paying for you). This will be available in the Fine Arts Foyer.


If selected to tape, a student should proceed to the Orchestra Room 30 minutes after their instrument’s results are posted. Recordings will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Each student will be given a brief warm-up in the recording room. When asked to play, they will play through one complete etude (with the cuts performed during the audition), pause for approximately 1-2 minutes, then continue with the next etude, etc.


All rules regarding electronics, metronomes, apparel, etc. can be found on the TMEA website. All pertinent rules will be covered in the Judges Meeting and/or the Audition Rooms.

AHS Area Audition Room Assignments

148 6A Piccolo/ 5A Flute

151 5A Piccolo/ 6A Flute

156 6A Clarinets – 44 students

271 5A E-flat Clar./ 6A E-flat Clar./ 5A Bb Clar.

166 5A Bassoon/ 6A Bassoon

167 5A Alto, Contra, Bass Clar./ 6A Alto, Contra, Bass Clar.

255 English Horn/ 5A Oboe/ 6A Oboe

267 5A/6A Alto Saxes

261 5A Tenor, Bari Sax/ 6A Tenor, Bari Sax

262 5A French Horn

256 6A French Horn – 32 students

268 5A Trumpet

165 6A Trumpet – 40 students

153 5A/6A Bass Trombone/ 5A Tenor Trombones

171 6A Tenor Trombone

172 5A/ 6A Euphonium

274 5A/ 6A Tuba

Band Room 5A Percussion/ 6A Percussion

Cafeteria Wind Warmup

Ensemble Room Contest Office

Choir Room Director Hospitality and Results

Orchestra Room Recording Room

Theater Director Meeting Room (9am)