• If you have an Anderson Instrument (home horns, checked out, etc) we are doing a functionality/inventory check tomorrow during classes!  Bring ALL Anderson Instruments IN so we can check it, it’s functionality…etc.  

  • We are also doing LOCKER CHECKS – so make sure everything is cleaned out and tidy!

  • All Concert uniforms need to be back at school, washed and hanging by Friday.

  • GREAT BRASS RECITAL TOMORROW NIGHT!  Come out Thursday night at 7 PM for a fabulous recital in the auditorium put on by Michael Arnold.  Mr. Arnold is one of our trumpet lesson teachers and will be performing a variety of trumpet repertoire. Guest performers will include Mr. Cleveland, Dr. Frost (tuba teacher at Anderson), Ms. Rigsby (Murchison band director), and Sam Johnson!   Suggested donation is $5, will all money benefitting the Anderson Trojan Band.

    FINALS Next Week

*January Chair Assignments will be based on your FINAL*

Concert Gold:

-Music Theory

-Concert Excerpt

-1 Octave Major Scales (All 12) No memory required

Concert Blue:

-Music Theory

-1 Octave Major Scales (All: C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab,Db EXCEPT ALTO SAX: A,D,G,C,F,Bb)

^^^All in YOUR pitches, not concert pitches

Wind Ensemble and Symphonic:

Music Theory (study guide passed out at school)

Sight Reading

Region etude 3 Cut

Major Scales plus Arpeggios at 120=QUARTER, Full range (from Blue Book) MEMORIZED