We are so excited for this show. I have been listening all morning, and this is such exciting music. I just love it. So……what do you need to do to get ready?!?! For band camp you will want to have practiced your horn and have your chops in shape. Most of you have enjoyed an amazing summer and (perhaps) a little time away from your instrument. What you need to be doing now is practicing a little bit every day to make sure your face and ‘chops’ are in shape!

WHAT SHOULD YOU BE DOING to get your face muscles ready for band camp? Long tones, scales, fundamentals. In the Student Files you will find band warm ups. Long tones are great and needed daily. Think of them as your ‘warm up stretches.’ Focus on making your sound steady and your air consistent. Daily you will be wanting your tone to improve and become the best possible sound you have every played with! Pick a scale to work on daily. Start with one octave first in whole notes with a met at 60. Once you are comfortable with one octave and every note sounds GREAT, pick another scale – and once again attack it with whole note long tones. I will post a recommended practice routine to get you in shape to the band app!!

SHOW MUSIC is available! Make sure you are practicing the intro that you received at Spring Band Camp in April. You will want to have this intro ‘overture‘ memorized for the first week of band camp as well as your major scales.

What parts do I need? You will need Intro, Opener, Ballad and Closer. In the student files, there are also sound files that you can listen to. Put those on your phone, ipad….whatever and listen to them NONSTOP!!! This will help you get the tunes stuck in your ear. If your family is not singing the band show music and sick of it…..you aren’t listening enough 😉

TO ACCESS THE SHOW MUSIC ONLINE – USE THIS LINK. You can also go to the band website www.andersontrojanband.com > Students> Student files>MusicPDFS>Show music 2019. The password is “2019TrojanBand