Dear Trojan Band Family,
For the last three years I have been so lucky to be part of the Anderson Band community. This is the place where as a high school student I discovered my passion for music, developed lifelong friendships, even met the love of my life. As a band director here, I have gotten to see what it looks like when over two hundred people work as a team toward a common goal, and the individual growth that comes from it. However, after five years teaching at the high school level, I have decided to make a shift.
I have accepted a position as a band director at Covington Middle School in south Austin where I will teach beginning brass classes and one of the concert ensembles. This is an important move both for me as an educator and for my growing family, and I am excited to get started.
I am so grateful for my time here at Anderson, and I hope I have given back to this organization that has given me so much.
Will Jurgens