Here is more information about the Casual/Summer Uniform Shorts.
For shorts, men’s sizing:
Here is the online information on the shorts found at Kohl’s.
SONOMA life + style Twill Flat-Front Shorts – Men The color is “silver lining” and they are on sale for $17.00, plain front. These shorts are also available in stores, as well.
For petite girls, Old Navy has shorts in sizes up to 16 in Stone color, plain front, for $10. Here is the link.
For boys, not quite into men sizes, Old Navy has bermuda shorts in Couscous color, up to size 18, plain front, for $10.00. Here is the link.
If you cannot get the link to work for Old Navy, go to and search under boys or girls. Click on uniforms and you will find the shorts.
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Theresa Treviño
Gentry McLean
Uniform Room Co-Chairs