Greetings Trojan Band Fans!

Thank you for cheering on the Trojan Band in their awesome first performance at the Taco Shack Bowl! We always appreciate all the support our families bring!

Reminder – since there is no school tomorrow, we put the evening rehearsal on Tuesday night to give families a long weekend. Everyone (guard and band) will rehearse Tuesday night from 5-7:30pm. Rehearsal schedule for the rest of the week will remain the same.

Our Friday game this week is away against Rouse High School in Leander.

This week we will start our theory units in class. Please make sure your black binder is ready to go Tuesday. Pass off assignments are coming up for the BALLAD (Part 3 Distress Signal). We will be pulling and listening to/watching step outs for everyone this week again. We are looking for music memorization and stepout/choreo memorization.

**There are a few strange rehearsal schedules coming up with Jamboree week and Columbus Day Monday Stadium rehearsal – Please see the TROJAN BAND Calendar for the season to note all rehearsals and performances**



Tuesday – 5-7:30pm Evening rehearsal for all guard and band; PARENTS if you are interested in helping with prop building, we will have a prop building session from 5-7:30pm

Wednesday – Morning 7:10am rehearsal for band; Evening 5-7pm rehearsal for the guard on the turf. BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT for parents – please stop by your child’s band period for important program information and updates.

Thursday morning – 7:10am rehearsal for ALL

Friday morning – 7:10am rehearsal for ALL

Friday night game AWAY vs. Rouse HS