Greetings Trojan Band Fans!

Another great week is in the books. Thank you so much for your support at Bible Stadium Friday! The kids marched a great show.

Monday is an ABBA (Anderson Band Booster) General Session. ABBA has two general sessions a year – this is where you can come learn why ABBA exists, why we fundraise so much, where the money goes, and how you can get involved in a super small or a bigger way. Come see us in the band hall from 6:30-7:15!

Two very important marching band logistical reminders –

  1. REMINDER – All absences need to be first communicated to a director and second documented at least 2 weeks in advance in the ABSENCE REQUEST FORM. Performance conflicts should have all been communicated by this point in the season. Performance conflicts that are not approved by a director will result in losing marching spot for the entire season as well as a zero for a major performance grade in the class.
  2. Students may not ride home with a parent from a game or event unless it has been approved and arranged in at least 24 hours advance with Mr. Ewer ( We have attendance rosters pre-set for all buses and we update them so chaperones know exactly who we are supposed to have at all times. We move very quickly, so unless it’s an emergency, we cannot let a student go and muddy this system.

*Mulch date has been solidified as Saturday, March 7, 2020. Mulch distribution day is a required event for all band students this year as it constitutes a large portion of fundraising and operating budget. Have a conflict or an issue – Contact Ms. Gonzalez.

PLEASE NOTE this THURSDAY IS A LATE START REHEARSAL: During marching season for LATE START, the band starts at the normal start time (7:10am) and rehearses until 9:40am.

NOTE FOR SEPT 16 Monday Rehearsal! The week of Sept 16 is a short and lean week of rehearsals for us with a Thursday night game…meaning as long as all goes well I will probably make the call to cancel Friday am rehearsal. That being said, please make a note that the end time for Monday Sept 16 evening rehearsal is 8:00 PM and NOT 7:30!


Monday rehearsal for all 5-7:30pm

MONDAY – ABBA General session 6:30pm in band hall

Wednesday morning rehearsal for band and evening rehearsal for guard

Thursday morning rehearsal for ALL; Friday morning rehearsal for ALL

Friday game is AWAY at Del Valle.