Greetings Band Fans,

Mulch-a-thon part TWO is this week.  NO MATTER WHAT we are delivering!  We were able to get the mulch delivered Thursday morning this week (which we couldn’t get early before) so we are going to run a few shifts early to ensure a shorter Saturday!

We are needing STUDENTS and PARENTS!!  Please sign up via the google form HERE. (If you have any issues signing up please email

We have a generous donation from Double Dave’s and will be providing pizza dinner for volunteers Thursday night, Friday Night and Saturday lunch!  Breakfast items are being served to volunteers Saturday morning as well as coffee (Yes….we will all need it!!!) 

Students – bring your blue marching band water bottles to fill with ice water as you go!  Wear clothes that you are willing to get dirty 🙂

Thanks to all for your flexibility!  We are ready to knock out our final leg of the mulch drive!!  If you see Ellen Stewart, Susana Campos or Julie Waidelich please send them a Thank you text….or give them a hug.  They have been doing AMAZING work on this mulch drive and it’s tough and challenging!  Thank you in advance to those signing up as we can’t do it without your manpower!  GO BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!