Just a little more information on the Trojan Band MULCH-A-THON!

DELIVERY OF MULCH will be Saturday, MARCH 3 to the purchaser’s address as long as they are within the Anderson or feeder schools attendance zones!!!!!!!  For $5 a bag you can have all of your mulch brought right to your yard.  Need some guidance to figure out how much mulch you need for your yard?  Use this handy mulch calculator!  2018MulchFundraiser RecommendNumberOfBags

FULL BAND GOAL:  $25,000 in SALES (that’s $15,000 Profit for the band!)

We can reach this if every member averages finding sales for roughly 25 bags of mulch….many times an individual looking to buy mulch for their lawn is looking to buy 15-20 bags so this is a very attainable goal!  Start asking around because now is the time people start thinking about mulching those yards!

WHY ARE WE SELLING MULCH?!?!  Every year the band boosters set up their budget with fundraising goals in mind.  This year boosters added mulch to help us attain our goals in addition to flamingo-ing and ACL!  What does this money pay for?  A FEW EXAMPLES – The expenses of the big blue band trailer like license and registration, maintenance and repair, and licensing of new parent drivers (approximately $8,000 to $10,000), savings for a new band trailer of large repairs needed down the line such as tires, the marching band drill (approximately $10,000), part of the music arrangement of the marching band music (about $4000) and the field staff, clinicians, masterclass teachers and instructors we bring in throughout the year to work with the band (roughly $20,000), half of the band banquet expenses among many more!  This fundraising money goes to many different things to make our band experience what it is.

We try to choose fun and attainable fundraisers for the students that will allow us to bring in the amounts of money we need to help the band run!

We wanted to make this fun…..so there are a few student incentives….

IF WE SELL 19,000 in sales (11,000 profit) ABBA will provide a vast candy buffet for the band banquet

IF WE SELL 22,000 in sales (13,000 profit) ABBA will provide a candy buffet AND Photo booth for the band banquet

IF WE SELL 25,000 in total sales (OUR GOAL!!!) ABBA will provide a candy buffet, photo booth AND DJ for the band banquet as well as reward the winning section with a hummer limo ride to the banquet.

Let’s get selling!  Direct folks wanting to buy online to www.www.andersontrojanband.com OR talk to a student in person who will have a paper order form as well.