Reminder:  YOU MUST BE ACADEMICALLY ELIGIBLE TO TRAVEL TO HAWAII WITH US. (Reposted from 1/18/19 band blast)

The defining grade check is the one coming up, FEBRUARY 9.  This is the end of the 6 weeks that defines eligibility for the Hawaii trip.  Students must be passing all classes with a 70 or above to travel.  They can have a 60 or greater in ONE exempt course.  Unfortunately the time to regain on the progress report falls too late in the grace period and we will have already started our trip, therefore you must be passing on February 8 at 4:30!  

You will not get a refund for the trip if your child cannot go due to ineligibility.  Plane tickets have been purchased, hotel rooms booked and all reservations made for your student.  It is too late in the game to cancel all of those items because it would cause a price increase for the other travelers.

The time to start being on top of this is NOW.  Make sure ALL homework assignments are turned in on time and complete.   I have never seen a student fail when all work was turned in on time – missing assignments are always the culprit of low grades.  Communicate, communicate, communicate!  The more you communicate with teachers now, the more help you will get and if there’s an issue the more likely they will be to make sure you are clear.  Waiting until the last minute or turning mounds of homework into teachers at the last minute in hopes of passing is not fair to teachers and very rarely works out.  Give your self the ‘fake’ early deadline of Feb 1 to be super on track….and then just maintain 🙂

Let the band directors know if we can help you stay organized or help you communicate to problem solve a failing grade – we are here!