We are now halfway through week TWO and the kids are doing great.  They are working hard and really pushing both in their flamingo-ing efforts and on the rehearsal field.  They ended their weekend this past weekend barely meeting their goal of the halfway point but MEETING it!  Monday and Tuesday they fell behind by $700 and are hoping to make up ground here midweek.  WE ARE ALMOST THERE!  Thank you SO much to our parents that are driving for flamingo-ing, bringing ice-pop treats, Hillcrest Church for their frozen fruit and our parents bringing ice rags!  These little things make all the difference to us!

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to our two parents, Missy Strittmatter and Emily Gunning for doing a beautiful job of organizing the band family picnic!  What a great way to kick off Flamingo-ing.  This weekend many of you met the Dubiel family as you test-drove a Ford on registration day….big thank you to them for organizing ALL of that.  The Ford Test Drive earned at least $2860 (it will be more at the end of the day because there was one car we got $30 for).   Thank you so much to all the folks that helped work the booth!

Thursday of this week we have Trojan Charge.  Band kids will attend band camp as usual.  I have talked to the assistant principal organizing and the only thing they will be missing as far as items received will be getting their class T-shirts….so we will get those to them that day as well as have their section leaders give them a campus tour in the afternoon.  Other than that it’s a normal day.

Uniform fitting make-ups will happen FRIDAY MORNING at 8am.  Any student that still has not been fitted for a uniform needs to get fitted at that time in the uniform room.

I think we have ironed out most of the smart music issues.  If you are having issues with your computer/email and smart music you need to give tech support a call 866-240-4041.  They get tons of calls from me….they are great and can troubleshoot any of your computer-specific issues.

Thank you for all the support of our band!

Ms. Gonzalez