What is ABBA?

We’re the Anderson Band Booster Association

Our group actively supports the Anderson Band program (marching, jazz, guard, concert season, etc), the band students, the directors and all sanctioned band activities. You don’t need to have a student in the band to belong to ABBA.

What do we do?

  • We sponsor the summer picnic and swim party.
  • We help plan fun activities during summer band.
  • During the school year, we provide refreshments at events.
  • We chaperone buses to and from competitions and football games and transport instruments.
  • We print the band student directory.
  • We sit together at football games and contests to cheer for the band.
  • We sponsor a web site and a subscription group for updates.
  • We raise money for new instruments, music, contest fees, tuners, yard signs, letter jackets, color guard flags and the marching show.
  • We fit and mend uniforms and arrange for tailoring.
  • We assist students with contest and game day preparation and meals.
  • In addition, we help fund supplemental summer band instruction, as well as drum line/front line and color guard instructors.

The Anderson Band Booster Association provides all of these services to benefit all band and dance guard students.

WE NEED YOU! More importantly, your student needs you (even if they say it would be embarrassing to have you around). By being an Anderson Band parent you are already a BOOSTER, so please volunteer for a committee, we’d love to have you! For more information, please see our PARENT VOLUNTEER committees page.

Volunteering is the BEST way to keep up with your kiddo, no matter how much they say they don’t need you, they DO, and WE do!!! (and no matter how grown up and independent they are.) Our monthly meetings are at the Band Hall, and all interested parents are invited to attend. Dates and times are announced on the BAND CALENDAR and are sent out on updates from the SUBSCRIBE button on this website.

ABBA Bylaws are available for your review.