Parent Volunteering


Thank you for coming here to explore how you can support the band program!

(If you already know what you want to do, reach out directly to the appropriate committee chair.)

Why does the band program need volunteers?

The band staff consists of four people.  They are amazing, but they are not superhuman!  Adults are needed to help feed kids on game days & at competitions . . . supervise the six buses that transport the band to stadiums and performance venues . . . help kids get their uniforms in shape for game-day inspection . . . bring cold treats & ice rags when kids are rehearsing in 90+ degree heat . . . organize and run financial support efforts for the program.

Wait, why do we have to pay and fundraise for the band program?  Isn’t that supported by the district?

In today’s school funding environment, the district provides less than 25% of the money needed to run the band program.

Fair share and fundraising profits do not purchase unnecessary or frivolous items that the band could do without—they provide the bulk of the operating costs of the band program.  The money we all raise pays for:

  • buses, gas & drivers
  • the trailer + associated costs as well as the box truck
  • marching show design & music
  • uniforms
  • instruments
  • food at competitions (sometimes a total of 600 meals a day if we start early and end late)
  • additional supplementary instructors and clinicians
  • and other expenses that are not optional.

I don’t know anything about music or high school band.  Won’t I feel like a fish out of water and be in the way instead of helpful?

Plenty of us weren’t in band ourselves or even know how to play an instrument.

It’s about providing support so that they can have the best experience possible in a solid, sustainable band program.  Give time, come to a meeting, offer to help with just one thing, cheer on our kids and be committed to the big program and idea.

Do I have to join the band boosters to volunteer?

If you have a kid in the band program, then you are already a member of ABBA (Anderson Band Booster Association)—it’s automatic.  No forms to fill out and no fees to pay!

Okay, how can I help?

We manage most of our volunteer needs through SignUpGenius.  This makes it easy for everyone to see who’s doing what, and if something changes, a notice can quickly be sent out to everyone who’s signed up.  You do not need to have or create an account to sign up for a volunteer spot!

You do not have to commit to going to every single game or competition, or serving meals every week for ten weeks if you aren’t ready to do that. If you haven’t volunteered with the band before, please sign up for something—try out multiple things!—and see what you like. You’ll be welcomed & supported.  Anything is better than nothing.  This is a big program, and support from the entire community is needed.

My kid wants some space from their parental unit.  How can I volunteer with the band and still give him/her that?

Ice rags or ice lollies during summer band camp.

Pass out ice cream after the parent show-off at the end of summer band camp.

Serve meals before football games.

Help the mulch team organize, plan, and carry out the spring fundraiser.

Lend your grant-writing expertise to the program (please notify the Fundraising VP that you can help with this).

Come to the ABBA meetings (1st Monday of each month, 6:30 p.m. in the band hall–but check the band calendar to confirm!) to learn how we support the program . . . and perhaps eventually take on a role on the Board.

Taking on a big project right now doesn’t work for me.  Are there ways I can help where I just show up, do something, and then leave?


During the day:

—Snack Guru! purchase and deliver snacks & waters to the band hall during marching season

—ice rags and ice lollies during summer band camp

–help with uniform fittings for marching uniforms (during summer band camp) and concert uniforms (November)

—help pass out ice cream at the parent show-off just before school starts

—serve meals before games

—uniform room helper before games and/or competitions (mainly keeping track of loaner items going out to kids)

—assist the guard with their hair before games

In the evening:

—be a parent driver for flamingo-ing during summer band camp (your child’s section leader will call for drivers as we get close to the start date)

—pit crew for games/competitions

—chaperone a bus to a game or competition

—drive a U-haul or follow car (w/kids in it) for the mulch fundraiser in the spring (a sign-up will come out closer to the date of the fundraiser)

I’d prefer to work with other adults or on my own at home.  How can I help in that way?

—join the mulch team as a fall planner, spring helper, or both!

contact the ABBA President with your availability

—help the Spirit committee make brag buttons & decorate for Marcher of the Week

let the fundraising VP know you are interested in helping out

—come to the ABBA meetings (1st Monday of the month, 6:30 p.m. in the band hall–confirm on the band calendar!) & take on a project that comes up there

I am organizationally minded.  Where do you need my help?

—help the uniform crew with fittings and checking marching & concert uniforms in and out (all sewing/tailoring is done by an actual seamstress)

—fundraising and sponsorship committees (please e-mail the Fundraising VP)

—setting up the summer pool party

—on the ABBA board & committees (please let the ABBA President know of your interest and availability)

Still not sure what would work best for you?

Please contact anyone on the ABBA Board or a band director for help!