Important information on Hawaii 2019


  • If you have any questions please email our travel specialist, Lisa Laird, at

As of last week the Hawaii trip became waitlisted.    We had about 57 additional students join in the month of July which brought us to the max of projected numbers based on the amount that had signed up by the deadline and extended deadline of May.  The importance of those deadlines was creating a trip and locking in flights and buses.  The challenge with adding more spots is the need it would create to add another charter bus which plays with the pricing. If you are interested in going, you need to sign up on the waitlist…. signing up on the waitlist does not guarantee a spot on the trip but allows us to know how many extra flights we would need to add (if space is available) and would also add another charter bus to the tour package which will affect the price if we do not fill it up.  Please note that published prices for those that signed up on time will remain the same, but the price could be different for those waitlisted as flight prices might be different now than when we contracted flights months ago.  Once our waitlist is closed on August 22 we will find out if there is a price difference for those that were waitlisted and reach out to see if you would still like to attend if the price is different. Once numbers are finalized from the waitlist we will decide how many we can add to the trip.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are wanting your STUDENT join the Hawaii trip  –  sign up for the waitlist NO LATER than Aug 22. That will do two things – it will let us know if we can expand the trip with flights and charter bus transportation on the island,  and if another spot opens up it also gives you the opportunity for that.  If you have questions about signing up please email Lisa Laird Waiting or assuming you can sign up later will not get you a spot.


Perform America-TX, LLC will be handling your trip registration and payments. A customized web page for your program has been set up that contains all of the trip details and will allow you to register and make payments online. A credit card convenience fee is associated with all online payments. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed if not submitted on time. Please contact your PAT account representative if you need to communicate a late payment.

Often, simple communication may help avoid late fees. Here are the login/registration details: In your Internet browser, please visit your custom tour registration link. This link will take you to your secured online portal to register and make your deposit.

For future payments you can visit the link above or our website: Click on the “Online payments” tab and enter the email address you registered with along with your password or reservation number. If you have questions about the trip or the registration process, you may call Perform America-TX at 281-886-7690 or email us at If you are unable to register online, we can help you make your reservation over the phone. Please make sure browsers are up to date.