Congratulations to all of our students that auditioned at area yesterday!  They represented us well at that very competitive leg of competition!  Also – HUGE CONGRATS to OWEN CHANGE, now an All-State Contrabassoonist!!!!!  We are very proud of all students for the time and work they put in to get to this level!

URGENT HAWAII REQUEST – If you or your child (anyone 18 or older) are traveling to Hawaii with us, we need your full name including middle name or initial as it appears on your ID or drivers license.  WE NEED THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

SOLO AND ENSEMBLE: WIND ENSEMBLE AND SYMPHONIC BAND FEBRUARY 9 –  Every student should have a solo and ensemble that they are working on at this point.  Solo and Ensemble is Feb 9 (Saturday) and mandatory for all wind ensemble and symphonic band students.  Unless your child has chosen an unaccompanied solo from the list, they will need an accompanist for this contest.  We will make arrangements with an accompanist (piano player) for you but you will need to pay the pianist for their time and preparation for solo and ensemble.  The fee is $50 and that will cover two rehearsals plus the performance for your child’s pianist.   If you have any issues with payment please contact Ms. Gonzalez; otherwise please plan on sending payment with your child on their first pianist rehearsal (they will get two rehearsals with their pianist prior to solo and ensemble – one the week of January 28 and one the week of Feb 4).  Concert band students will have a separate solo and ensemble at a later date; however if they wish to also participate in this solo and ensemble that’s awesome!  Let Ms. Gonzalez know TOMORROW!!!

*There has been some confusion with the band calendar with some dates applying to winter guard and indoor drum line and not necessarily the entire band – we are going to add detail to the band calendar to help clarify this and make sure everyone is clear*

What is coming up?

January 18,19 ALL City Band (nominated students know who they are)

January 24, 25, 26, 27 SCHOOL MUSICAL ‘Beauty and the Beast’!  Come see it – it’s going to be great!

January 29 POPS Concert

January 31 Late Start

February 9 SOLO and ENSEMBLE for wind ensemble and symphonic band