THURSDAY MORNING – Mandatory – one of the few marching band performance grades of the 6 weeks

7:20am Inspection – you must be dressed and INSPECTED by this time.  We will start walking to HILL at 7:25 and no later to make it for the start of their assembly.  FULL UNIFORM 

Guard participates in the Hill Elementary Morning assembly as well – you will be wearing your Casual uniform and taking flags.

After that, we will walk back to Anderson and meet the belles on the parking lot to rehearse the Belle Tune (TIMBER)  Bring your music to HILL.

FRIDAY’S PEP RALLY in the morning – Mandatory unless you are excused for a quiz in a class

Wear your show shirt.  You will need it for the PEP RALLY as well as the game in the evening.  Be in the gym ready to warm up NO LATER than 8:50am.  Be careful as you enter that you do not disrupt the run through for cheer and Belles!


Everyone will be released at 4:15, Section Leader Inspection at 5:10 and Full inspection at 5:15. We will load immediately once inspected.

**Because of the Pep Rally, Wind Ensemble’s Region Music Quiz over second half cuts will take place on MONDAY!**