This week we will be placing a HAWAII button on the homepage of the website where we will archive all Hawaii information for easy access as it goes it.  This will allow you a reference for trip planning.  I will send a BLAST when that button is live. 

  • Monday, Feb 11:  FINAL Flight lists with times and flights will be emailed to travelers as well as posted in the band hall.  This will be the only information I will NOT post on the website as it is not public information.   For this you will need to reference your email.
  • Each student will get ONE Checked piece of baggage FREE as part of the trip package.  We did this to make it convenient and also help with baggage fees of bigger instruments.  Travelers will also get a personal item/carry on bag.  Each student will have to factor in their instrument to their luggage situation.  Bigger instruments will have to count as the checked bag, and their suitcase will be carry on. Smaller instruments will be able to fit in the carryon or baggage. Please do not plan on exceeding those baggage parameters.  When we went to Hawaii four years ago we were very strict to stick to that baggage policy and it made fitting everything on the charter buses when in transit possible.  If you think for any reason you have an issues – email Ms. Gonzalez.
  • Woodwinds made of wood MUST travel in the airplane cabin.  Bassoons will count as the carry-on and you will get a small personal item the size of a purse….your luggage will be the checked baggage.  Double reed players if you carry a reed tool kit of any kind please plan on leaving it at home – it will not make it through security.  Bass clarinets, we will take the plastic marching bass clarinets.
  • Tubas will need to bring mouthpiece only – we will be using rental tubas.
  • Performance attire for the Pearl Harbor Memorial will be the Casual Uniform (Blue AT Polo, Khaki shorts, white shoes) Just as we wear it for marching season.

POINTS OF COMMUNICATION  (Two things you MUST follow/sign up for if you are a traveler).  Parents that are not going on the trip but still interested in what is going on are also encouraged to subscribe.

  1.  Trojan Band Website www.andersontrojanband.comHAWAII Button:  Archived reference point for all Hawaii Info. (Will be live Feb 13)
  2. HAWAII BAND App – Download the app ‘BAND’ and Follow this link to join our group.   ALL travelers must be subscribed. We will use this for important announcements and in the moment communication.   Posting to the wall is for directors only.  Please keep notifications turned on.
Andrea Gonzalez invites you to ‘Trojan Band Hawaii’ group on BAND. Come join now!
Open this invite link below on your iPhone, Android, or desktop.