Anderson Annual Mulch Fundraiser


It’s Mulch-A-Thon time again!!


Your yard will appreciate it, and so will the Anderson High School Trojan Band!  Please consider purchasing one of the items below to help support our band.  Have questions?  Of course you do.  Please read our FAQ to learn how and when your mulch will be delivered to you, our fundraising goal, how your donation helps the band, and much more!


Purchase By the Bag

Mulch can be purchased by the bag for $5 each and is available in two varieties, Texas Native Hardwood and Texas Black Label Mulch.  Read our FAQ to learn the difference.


Purchase by the Yard

Need more than a few bags?  You can purchase the same two kinds of mulch by the yard.  Note that a $100 delivery fee will be applied for each mulch purchase


Anderson Mulch Opt-Out Donation

Don’t need any mulch?  You can still help support the Anderson Trojan Band Mulch-A-Thon.  If you make a $65 opt-out donation, the money will go straight to the Anderson Trojan Band!