Parent Volunteering

volunteerWe need your help!  Whether you can help once, or on an on-going basis! The BAND needs YOU for one of our committees (or feel free to contact a committee head).

General help is ALWAYS needed and appreciated! One way to help is to provide water and/or snacks for games and contests. We generally send a TROJAN BAND BLAST announcement when we need things for games, contests or parties!

Volunteer Opportunities

Please complete the form below and sign up for one or two committees
  • It takes an army of volunteers to help get our 250-300 band students ready, fed, and transported to games and competitions; whether it's parents hemming student uniforms, to pit crew in getting on the field and transporting instruments and props. If every band parent signs up for one or two committees, we have all the bases covered. As the saying goes, "Many hands make light work!"