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ABBA/Trojan Band Web Site Privacy Policy

Photo and Student Name Policy Statement

The Anderson Band Boosters Association (ABBA) actively supports your student’s activities in the Trojan Band and seeks to inform our community of the many individual and collective achievements of our band members and faculty.

We like to include photos in news articles submitted to both the Anderson community and public newspapers, as well as on the web site and social media. Please keep in mind that while full names may be associated with photos in an AHS newsletter or in public news articles concerning the Trojan Band, only first names may be associated with photos on the Band’s web site. We never publish student phone numbers on our website. In lists (such as on our AWARDS pages) last names will be used – but they are not associated with photos.

The Board of the Anderson Band Booster Association revised the policies for the use of photographs and names on the ABBA website during the 2002-2003 school year. Past website policy was so restrictive that most photographs and achievement announcements could not be posted in a timely manner, if at all. In some cases, the photos could never be used because parents could not be contacted for release permission. Attempts to obtain releases from every student’s parent or guardian at the beginning of the school year failed miserably. Logistical and administrative burden on volunteers was unreasonable due to the lack of returned release forms.

While student privacy and safety remains a prime concern, restrictions on the reasonable use of photographs and student’s names on the web have been relaxed. We encourage parents to carefully consider the limitations in recognition of our outstanding band students before making such a request. While it may be extremely difficult to completely eliminate your student’s image on the web site, especially in group photos, we do understand the desire for privacy.

ABBA Website Guidelines for the Use of Names and Photographs

  1. Only first names and last initial may be associated with photos of students on the web site.
  2. Full names may be used without associated photos.
  3. No phone numbers will be listed for any student unless case-by-case permission is specifically sought from that individual.
  4. Unless the parent or guardian of a student has submitted an opt-out form, individual photos or photos containing an image of the student may be used on the website and social media.
  5. Unless the parent or guardian of a student has submitted an opt-out form, the student’s first name and initial may be associated with a photo on the website or social media.

If you would like to restrict the use of your student’s name and/or photo on this web site, a printable copy of the Opt Out Form is available. It requires Acrobat PDF viewer.  Give your completed form to the AHS Band Director.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the web policy, please send a message to the webmaster by going to the contact page.