Parent Information

New to Anderson Band? Join us for a parent meeting on Friday, May 27, at 8 pm in the Anderson Theater (off Cima Serena).

Looking for information about the band program? Here’s a brief overview for the 2022-23 school year. If you still have questions, please e-mail the parent booster president, Thanh Tran, or ask a fellow band parent. No question is unimportant!

How to Stay Updated with Anderson Band and Guard

Weekly Trojan Band Blast. Beginning May 1, 2022, the Band Blast will be sent out from CHARMS. Once your student is registered to Anderson Charms you’ll receive weekly emails. All weekly emails are posted on the main Band group (see below).

Download the BAND app or visit in a browser window. There are 2 groups for parents to join: the Anderson Trojan Band (Main) group and the Trojan Band Parents group. Parents are highly encouraged to join both groups to stay on top of information. You can also log in via your desktop at

–To join the main Band group: Students will be required to join the Main group.

–To join the Parent group:  

Follow us on social media! We have a Facebook page ( and Instagram page ( We post lots of pictures on both pages.

Summer Band Camp/Marching Band

What does my student need to do on May 27 and 28? The MANDATORY summer kick-off camp is May 27 at 5-9 pm and May 28 at 9 am – 1 pm. 

It’s a chance for all incoming 9th-12th graders to meet other students in their sections, learn basic marching positions, and work on their music. There will also be a lot of fun times in between. 

They should eat something beforehand, be dressed to be outside, wear athletic shoes, bring their instrument (unless provided by the school), and bring a water bottle. Blue water jugs will be given out in July. 

UPDATED There will be a parent information session at 8 pm in the Anderson Theater on May 27 . We will go more in depth about band camp and marching season at that meeting.

Does everyone have to be in marching band? YES, it is THE time for learning all marching fundamentals, and the band begins to learn halftime drills, football game stand music, and the marching contest show and music. Marching spots on the field are maintained by knowing your music and drill.

Every student who signed up for band must attend the following:

UPDATED Summer Kickoff Camp on May 27 at 5-9 pm, and 28 at 9 am – 1 pm

–Band camp on July 25 to Aug. 12, from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday

What if I have a conflict/soccer game/grandma visit/SAT test? Band is a TEAM ACTIVITY. Participation during rehearsals AND contests and concerts is vital to the success of the band. If you miss a practice or performance, there is a hole in the group. 

We know that band students are involved in a variety of activities (both in and out of school) and some conflicts will arise. The best thing to do is to TALK to the DIRECTOR AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE OF A CONFLICT or potential conflict. The directors can help students solve conflicts if given enough time to do so. Sometimes a compromise can be made, but understand that missing even 1 day of camp will put you behind on learning the show.

What else do I need to do before band camp starts in July? All band and guard students must complete a physical. It must be dated after April 15, 2022. If your student needs to get a physical, they can either get one from their doctor or at clinics. For the AISD form and clinic locations, click here:

Fair Share

What is fair share? Fair Share are the ‘band fees’ required for all band students enrolled in concert band, marching band and dance guard. Fair share for your child this year covers but is not limited to: uniform fees, show shirt, competition meals, dance guard and band costuming, charter bus and school bus expenses for competitions, football game snacks and bottled waters, registration fees, marching show licensing . . . it’s a long list.

Why do I have to pay fair share? I never paid it when I was in high school band. The amount of funding we receive from the district gets smaller and smaller each year. The district provides only about 25 percent of what we need to maintain a top-notch band program. We must fundraise the rest of it. 

The students want to belong to a top tier marching program and that requires music arrangers, props designers, visual designers, master class instructors, etc. 

Anderson is in a very competitive district for many activities – sports, speech & debate, robotics – they all require time commitment and funds. Band is the largest student group so we must have a fair share to maintain our high level of excellence. However, please note that it is the policy of our band program to never deny participation if finances are an issue. Please speak to Ms. Lee if payment is ever a problem! Anderson’s band staff works diligently to keep this cost low, while providing a very fine musical experience (with quite a bit of variety) for our students.

Marching Season

What is our marching show? Our 2022 marching show is called Rise. The students will work on it during band camp and throughout the fall semester. They perform it at halftime, and each week they add more music and elements to the show. They will also participate in several marching competitions. 

Our marching show this year is called Rise. It takes inspiration from the poem, Afternoon on a Hill by Edna St. Vincent Millay. You can watch last year’s show, Bach in Gear, here

What are the dates for football games and competitions? We have preliminary dates, times and locations for the football games. This is not the final schedule. We will confirm all of this information when it gets closer to the start of school, so some of the schedule might change. 

Games (after school to about 11 pm)

Aug. 25 McCallum, House Park

Sept. 1 Rouse, House Park

Sept. 8 Austin, House Park

Sept. 16 Bowie, House Park

Sept. 23 Johnson Buda, Shelton Stadium

Sept. 30 Akins, House Park

Oct. 7 Westlake, Westlake Stadium

Oct. 13 Lake Travis, House Park

Oct. 20 Del Valle, Del Valle Stadium

Nov. 4 Dripping Springs, House Park

Competitions (will be out all day)

Sept. 24 Bands of America (BOA) Austin

Oct. 1 Vista Ridge Marching Festival

TBA UIL Region

TBA UIL Area (if we qualify)

TBA UIL State (if we qualify)

Nov. 4-5 BOA San Antonio

Hawaii Information

What’s this trip to Hawaii I keep hearing about? The Trojan band loves to take trips! We’ve gone to New York, London, and Dallas in recent years. 

Next year we will head to Hawaii from March 9-14, 2023. This is an optional trip. The students will tour Honolulu, attend a luau, hike Diamond Head, go snorkeling/surfing, visit Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona, and perform on the pier of the USS Missouri. More information is here.

Contact Information

Here’s a short version that new band families can read (or download & print).