AHS Band Fundraisers

We participate in several fundraisers throughout the year. FAIR SHARE helps to provide some of what the band needs, but doesn’t cover nearly enough! It is our effort to eliminate selling gift wrap, cookie dough, coupon books, candles, etc.

Flamingo-ing – See our FLAMINGO-ING page for more information.

Sponsorships – Your financial support is vital to the support of the Anderson Band.  Read more about our SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS on our website or contact our SPONSORSHIP CHAIR

Randall’s Remarkable Card – Sign up for the “Good Neighbor Program” to add the Anderson Band as one of your charities.  Print and fill out the application:  ABBA’s Charity number is #5311.   Once you’ve filled out the application, turn it into your neighborhood Randall’s.  Your purchase price of groceries will automatically be recorded to ABBA’s Good Neighbor account.

Why do we have fundraisers? What is Fair Share?

While the district and state DO allot funds for the Fine Arts programs at Anderson, there is not nearly enough to cover all expenses that are necessary to build and maintain a superior 5A program.

We participate in several fundraisers throughout the year.

We have a lot of kids and a lot of equipment to move, haul, feed, etc. We help to cover transportation costs, music costs, marching drill costs, masterclasses and clinics, as well as uniform and equipment maintenance. Every contest has an entrance fee. Our fundraising also helps to cover the cost of student band social events and the Band Banquet.

Our biggest fundraiser of the year, flamingo-ing, is ALSO a fun TEAM-BUILDING activity for each of the sections! It is a GREAT way for kids to get to know one another in small groups and build section unity.

We also rely on parent generosity to be able to provide snacks and water and some party food, as well as replacement socks (etc) for students.

There is usually an additional Fair Share for auxiliary groups to help cover their associated extra costs.

However, please note that it is the policy of our Band Program to never deny participation if finances are an issue. Please speak to Ms. Lee or the ABBA President if payment is ever a problem! Anderson’s Band Staff works diligently to keep this cost low, while providing a very fine musical experience (with quite a bit of variety) for our students. it’s a valuable skill and a fun hobby that CAN last a lifetime!

For more information, contact our FUNDRAISING CHAIR .