Greetings Trojan Band Family!

School-owned instruments and final exams:
If you are a graduating senior or not returning to band next year, you will turn in your instrument(s) after you take your final.
All school-owned instruments must be brought in this week to either be returned or re-issued. Blank instrument rental contracts are available in the band office. Fees are $25 per instrument per year and checks can be written out to Anderson High School Band.
Returns/re-issues will happen at the end of classes pending the completion of final exams for that period as well as after school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 3 PM.

Final exams/Ensemble Auditions and Placement for 2019-20 – To help ensure everyone is able to have a successful final exam and placement audition this week, please come into your hearing time knowing exactly what scales you will play (including how many octaves) and at what tempo you will perform the prepared etude. As stated on the preparation guide, all 12 major scales are what need to be played. You can play them in whatever order you choose.

Percussion Concert MONDAY NIGHT May 20! Come to the auditorium at 7pm to see our awesome percussion department in action!

GRADUATION BAND (note there is a CHANGE!!!) Since we do not see the Graduation Band for several days between finals and when they play on graduation day, I am going to add a brief rehearsal at Anderson at 1pm before we leave for graduation. We will continue on with the rest of the schedule as planned READ HERE FOR SCHEDULE AND DETAILS. This is a very high profile, televised performance so we want to make sure it is at it’s best!!!