We are now in the week of HAWAII!

HAWAII FLIGHT LIST – Here you will find layouts of your flight, Who your flight LEAD is (either an Anderson Band Director or Administrator) and the details.  The left tabs show the flights and personnel, the tabs to the right detail the times of each flight.  NOTE – this info should all MATCH the flight info that was distributed earlier in the flight rosters.  If you have questions about your flights, etc….please post them in the google form.  Better safe than sorry – if you see anything that you have a question about please post your question in the google form!!!

We will have a student Hawaii meeting MONDAY DURING HOMEROOM.  EVERY STUDENT MUST BE PRESENT.  We will be going over rules, expectations, packing plan.  Each student will get a luggage tag and instructions for marking their instruments in multiple ways.  Each student will also be assigned a color group that will correspond with the ‘TEAM’ they are traveling in (ex:  Team Gonzalez)….and they will each get a wristband of that color at the airport Friday morning.

When you arrive at the airport Friday morning, you need to report to the UNITED AIRLINES ticket counter.  You will see Mr. Nedley.  Mr. Nedley will help you find your color group and your flight lead.  From there, each color group will check in and go through security.  The other directors will be around and Mrs. Gonzalez will be there early at 3:30am, but we will each be taking groups on a flight…..Mr. Nedley will be there at the counter until the last flight is through the gate. If you have issues, chat message him in the Hawaii app (it functions similar to text message).

Please note travel policies if you have any questions about liquids, etc.

Talk over the packing plan with parents this weekend.  We will want the kids to know on Monday what is getting checked, what is going up top on the plane with them, etc.  DO NOT feel like you need to check a bag if you don’t need to.  It is very possible if you have a small instrument to fit everything you need in a carry on and personal item — I have done it before and recommend it.  Decreasing the chance things get lost is the best thing to do!

Do not forget to track down your folding music and your Summer/casual band uniform stand this weekend.  

Guard members will wear their summer uniform along with the band at Pearl Harbor performance.

Just a reminder – Should a student make a decision on the trip that goes against trip policy, band policy or school policy… they will be sent home immediately at parent’s expense.  This includes but is not limited to leaving the group, being in unauthorized spaces or hotel rooms, not staying with assigned group or changing groups without permission, alcohol, vapes, or any materials not allowed in school activities.  Principal Sammi Harrison and assistant principal Megan Tesano will be traveling with us and it is our expectation that students obey all band and school policies.