This coming year EVERY AISD BAND STUDENT will be required to have a Physical Form ON FILE before the first day of band camp.  *This is a new requirement effective this year.*

  • I will be passing out the yellow physical forms THURSDAY April 18 at Spring Band Camp.  If you need a form sooner please see Ms. Gonzalez.  Physicals MUST be on this approved AISD form.

  • NOTE this physical must be dated AFTER April 15th and will be valid for one school year, regardless of the date of the exam.

  • Physical paperwork is due to the Anderson band directors by the first day of that student’s band camp.  If a student is an athlete, they must turn it in to both the athletics and band departments (photocopy for one is fine).  Do not turn paperwork in to the nurse…..turn it in to a BAND DIRECTOR.

If your child has a doctor, it is very important for your child to visit his/her own doctor for this examination, because the doctor knows your child and their medical history.  This is especially important if your child has any prior medical conditions or is under a doctor’s care for any medical conditions including asthma.  If your child does not have a doctor, you should first find a doctor and then make an appointment with this doctor’s office or clinic.  It is best to have this appointment between May 1, 2019 and July 15, 2019.

NOTE:  If you are looking for a quick, cheap place to get a physical – Medspring is the cheapest option we found for $19; Carenow is $25.

ADDITIONALLY, the Anderson Athletics department is trying to put together a physical location as well.  It would be $20 on Thursday, May 2 from 5-8pm….at this point they are trying to get MDs, PAs, NPs that are willing to donate time and proceeds would benefit Anderson Athletic Training/Sports Physical Program.  If you are interested in helping please email Ms. Gonzalez (

For children without a primary care physician or the ability to obtain a sports physical, there is another option.  A group of doctors and nurses have volunteered to perform FREE sports physicals in large sessions in April of 2019.  High School physicals will be April 30 at Burger Center.  If you are interested in this option, you need to let Ms. Gonzalez know by the end of the day Thursday (April 11) so that she can secure you an appointment.  Children must be accompanied by an adult and bring the paperwork from Ms. Gonzalez.