Please check out link HERE to DOUBLE CHECK and make sure we have captured your volunteering correctly!  We are excited to get mulch delivered… 4am this morning several 18 wheelers dropped off our mulch and now we deliver!  WE CAN DO IT!!!

**PLEASE NOTE – Because of the rain forecasted for SATURDAY, we tried to move as many shifts as possible to Thursday/Friday.  We were able to eliminate the Saturday 2-5pm shift….but if the rain is a downpour we may have to delay a bit Saturday and go late or put a shift on Sunday.  Flexibility with the Texas weather is the name of the game here!  We are going to try and push through the weather while at the same time keeping our kids and parents safe!  Either way we WILL finish mulch deliveries by the end of the weekend.  

WE ARE STILL DESPERATELY IN NEED OF SOME PARENT TRUCK DRIVERS for FRIDAY and SATURDAY!!!  SEE THE SIGN UP…..and please email Ms. Gonzalez ( if you are available!