Dear Parents of Band Seniors,
This is the last call for senior ads to be placed in the final band program that spotlights all of the seniors!
My deadline is May 2 to receive photos and wording for your ad.

I’ve attached the form that details costs, sizes, etc.

Please note that purchasing a senior ad is completely voluntary. You will get a full color program whether or not you purchase an ad.

Very important:  Even if you choose not to buy an ad I still need a senior photo of all of the seniors for the senior spotlight section. You can either email it to me or you can add it to the Google Doc folder that was created for this purpose (a big thanks to Bennett Stirton for doing this!) I believe Bennett will also need a baby photo for the senior slide show at the end of the concert. You can drop both photos here:

I know the deadline is tight! All I really need is photos and wording for the ad. I’ll design it and send you a proof before it goes to print.

Many thanks and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Kindest regards,
Ann Quass
512-423-2829 (cell)