What IS Flamingo-ing?

Flamingo-ing, a fun team-building and fun(d)raising activity!  If your business would like to support the Trojan Band, read more about becoming a BUSINESS SPONSOR and the advertising benefits that you can receive.

Flamingo-ing is our largest Fun(d)raiser of the year and a really fun team-building event! It starts on the evening of the Summer Band Picnic. Each band section has 8 pink plastic birds called a flock. Each evening during Flamingo-ing, sections head out and go to people’s houses and place the flock, leaving a notice that for payment, the flock will be removed and released to fly on to another victim, pretty much immediately. The goal is to move the flock quickly from house to house. Victims have a chance to send the flock to other people as well. Most kids are home by 11-12 pm, but parents CAN and DO set individual curfews. The idea here is that the kids work together, get to know one another and raise money for the band’s activities. Flamingo-ing provides the bulk of ABBA’s yearly operating fund. While it is scary to send off your kiddo with a teen driver, know that we’ve got eyes and ears all over, and we’ve never had a dangerous incident. The kids KNOW that if there is a major problem, Flamingo-ing STOPS immediately! Parents CAN drive and it is becoming more necessary when sections have a limited number of drivers. Know also that on the other end, the parents of the teen drivers are trying to make sure that things are safe for their kids to be transporting a number of teens. Our Flamingo Captains (adults) take up money EACH night and they know more than they let on about the evening’s activities. IF there is a problem, they let the Directors know and things are ironed out pretty quickly.  This is an activity for ALL BAND MEMBERS.

Parents should be aware that the best time to go flamingo-ing is in the evening when people are usually at home.  This means your student may be out late at night often well after the 10 o’clock news.  Transportation is a must.  While parents can participate as drivers, most students prefer to ride with a younger driver where the camaraderie more easily flourishes. Consider sending funds to share in the cost of gas…and late night snacks! Band directors and ABBA board members will be discussing the “rules of the game” and what activities are proper and improper. Know who your student is riding with. Talk with your student about whether you will allow them to be driven by a licensed student driver or whether you’ll insist on an adult driver, and how late you’ll allow your student to be out on a summer night. (If they’re out too late, the band directors will surely make them pay a price for their lack of sleep!)

When is Flamingo Season?

Flamingo season begins during summer band and ends with the beginning of school…during the rest of the year we are also glad to let our flock visit your friends for a donation to the Anderson Band! Contact ABBA (2017/18 roster coming soon!), or one of the BAND DIRECTORS.

Tips – Safety FIRST – Always!!!!

Discuss curfews and boundary expectations with your student.

If your student is a driver – discuss safe driving expectations.

Meet your student’s section leaders/drivers.

Know who your student is with.

Get cell phone numbers of others in your car.

Each car should contain 1 or more well-charged cell phones, and probably an Austin-area map!

Why do we Flamingo?

Fun(d)-Raising This is a major fund-raiser for the Anderson Band. Most flamingo-ing occurs in the Anderson area, but some ambitious groups have sought out friends, friends of parents, and local celebrities all over town.  Most people play along with this tongue-in-cheek blackmail but occasionally students will find a grouch who refuses to play along.  There have also been one or two instances where the person flamingo-ed wanted to keep the pink birds on their lawn. You should also know that this is often a pretty fierce competition between sections.

Team Building

Each section gathers together after summer band sessions picking likely candidates from friends, neighbors, and family. Flamingo-ing builds an appetite and many groups make a late snack at a local restaurant a rewarding last activity for the evening. Most band students find flamingo-ing as the single best method of getting to know their fellow band members and it’s a fun way to end a day of rigorous band camp activities.  Underclassmen are usually active, enthusiastic participants and often are the best money-raisers.  Flamingo-ing will be a fun, popular activity for your band student.  Please encourage your student to join the fun and excitement of this blackma…, uh, fund raising event. Since there is lots of good-spirited competition between sections, it serves to help build section unity.

What is it like to be Flamingo-ed?  Keep Reading!

Your doorbell rings.  You pull yourself from the couch and look out the peephole.  No one there. That’s odd.  As you open the door a note flutters on the doorknob and a car slips around the corner.

As you reach down to remove the note, your eye catches a bit of shocking pink on the lawn.  Stepping forward to get a better look, it becomes apparent a flock of pink flamingos is roosting on your carefully manicured yard.  What is this?  Could it be your neighbor, insanely jealous of your meticulous landscaping, has put this tacky yard art in your yard as a joke?

Unconsciously, you’re unfolding the note you found on the door.  You cast your eyes downward and begin to read.  It is a note from an Anderson High School band student informing you that you’ve been “flamingo-ed.”  (Is school in session already?  They’re starting awfully early this year!)  If you would please make a donation to the band, the flamingos will be promptly removed and the band will guarantee your yard will stay free of flamingos – at least until next summer.

You walk back into the house, close the door, and wander back to the couch. While pondering the meaning of pink flamingos, the phone rings.  On the other end of the line is the pleasant voice of one of the band students asking if you understood the note and when would it be convenient to come by and pick up your donation. Yes, personal checks are accepted. You reach for the checkbook with the relief of knowing the flamingos will soon be departing and the warm feeling of helping a good cause. Who knows? Maybe you’ll go to a high school football game this fall and watch the band perform.