What:  A showcase of all AISD Marching Bands

When:  Tuesday, Sept 25

Where:  Toney Burger Center, 3200 Jones Rd. Austin

What time:  6:30 PM ( Anderson’s Estimated performance time is 8:28 but I would be there by 8 to make sure you catch us in case the showcase is running ahead of schedule.)  Bowie will perform after us and then we will head home.

TICKETS:  Each student that wants tickets will get 2 free tickets for their family at the end of Monday night’s rehearsal.  Once everyone that wants their complimentary tickets gets them….the rest are up for grabs from Ms. Gonzalez.  If you end up needing to purchase tickets you may do so at the gate.

Student schedule:  Students will be released just like a football game and ALL students will be fed pizza dinner before we leave. We will be wearing formal uniform.