Greetings Trojan Band Family,

ABBA Meeting Monday, May 6 at 6:30pm in the Band Hall! This is your chance to get in the mix, see the budget workings, get involved! Even if you haven’t come to a meeting all year it’s OK! Come join us!

BAND BANQUET is this Friday and ticket sales are HERE!

The band officers are selling tickets May 6 and 7 before school from 8:15am-9:55am at a table in the foyer. $25 each cash or Check made out to ABBA.

~Dress is Sunday best or Formal attire. Students may be dropped off at 7pm. Banquet ends and student pick up is 11pm. LOCATION: STERLING EVENT CENTER, 6134 E Hwy 290, Austin, TX 78723

~Banquet is for members of the Trojan Band and Guard. If you want to bring a date that is not in band that is fine – ask a band director for approval. We purchase a certain number of seats and meals ahead of time and this helps us stay within the numbers of our reservation.

~Parents are definitely welcome, but traditionally they generally don’t attend. I say that simply because one year I made the mistake of forgetting to note that and one freshman parent bought a ticket and came and then lamented their life for having to sit at the band director table. While we think we are super cool…most don’t.

~Tickets are $25 each and they cover the cost of the venue and the meal. ABBA (band boosters) absorb the rest of the costs of the banquet evening.

~The evening will include a fancy delicious Italian buffet dinner and dessert, CANDY BAR provided by ABBA for reaching our mulch goal (YAY!), student superlative awards, director awards, and a dance!


SPRING CONCERT May 14 with senior recognition

MMS/AHS Percussion Concert May 20 7pm at Anderson

FINALS May 21-24

GRADUATION BAND (Mandatory for all wind ensemble and symphonic band non-seniors) MAY 31 4pm performance (information will call times to come)