A bit of a midweek update for you on MULCH!  The ABBA Mulch committee is furiously working on our mulch fundraiser and has some updates for everyone –

We currently are slightly behind our goal….we need to sell about 1,000 a day to make it to our final goal.  Of the students that have sold so far….most buyers are purchasing in the 20 bag range so this is very attainable.  This means that a student just needs to jet an average of 2 buyers (maybe 3) to meet their individual goal of selling 25 bags!  Ask your neighbors, friends, family – and get those ‘ASKS’ that will yield a sale or two and we will be there!

If you are like me – you are planning to buy and just haven’t yet.  If you are planning to buy if you would hop on and purchase so we can know how much more we need to campaign for now that will be super helpful for us.  And I’m right there with you – I’m buckling down and buying after I send this blast!

Paper order forms are available for pickup in the band hall – or have your student take their chromebook as they campaign and let the buyer buy directly from the website!

FINAL NOTE – We are looking for anyone with experience or knowledge of forklifts for the pick up day.  Another school advised us that they did the first year with no forklift and had never been that sore in their life following mulch day.  Needless to say – we are currently working on a forklift and operator!!!  Any help you can send our way please contact Susana Campos