Our LBJ band photographers have been hard at work reviewing the 5,000+ photos that were taken during Cap City 2018.  They have uploaded photos of every band to the LBJ band page on SmugMug at https://lbjband.smugmug.com/2018-2019BandPhotos/2018-09-29-Cap-City/A-Bands   Direct links for each band are listed below.

There are two ways to download the photos.  Clicking the download button next to the shopping cart in a gallery will cause a popup asking for an e-mail address.  After you provide an e-mail address, SmugMug will create a zip file of every photo in that gallery for your band for download.  When viewing an individual photo, you may click on the download link below the photo to only download that photo.

All of the fabulous photos are free to download and share with no copyright restrictions.  Please pass on the link to your band parents.  We hope to see you again at Cap City 2019!



Dan and Janet Teal

Cap City 2018 Co-Chairs