Hello band!

Best of luck at Solo and Ensemble today!  Remember to dress in ‘Sunday Best’ – arrive early to warm up in the cafeteria at your site and relax and have fun!  Let your hard work pay off!   If you need to pay your pianist still….please bring a check or they will not perform with you – YIKES!

Parents….if you have a spare moment or two while you wait for your child, Doedi Meyer is in desperate need of some parent help with organizing uniforms!  We have had no action on the sign up genius….and our uniforms are in need of some parent love.  If you have a moment, please hop in and help Doedi in the uniform room!!

Here is the link to the Signup Genius for the Uniform Work Days:



Hey Band!

Just a quick reminder regarding Mulch Drive tomorrow. We will have a table set up at UIL to take orders. Please ask your neighbors and remind families to place their orders for mulch. Bring the order form/payment to the Mulch ladies at the table.


A young tree needs 1 – 2 bags; A mature tree needs 2 – 4 bags. They go for $5/bag.

How to sell the mulch? What’s in it for your customers?

  1. Controls Weed –
  2. Retains Moisture
  3. Prevents Soil Erosion
  4. Maintains Soil Nutrients
  5. Control Pests
  6. Encourages Earthworms to Move In
  7. Polishes Up Your Garden
  8. AND – WE DELIVER for FREE!!

(Source: https://www.doityourself.com/stry/why-mulch-6-benefits-of-mulching)

What’s in it for you with the Mulch Drive?

Band costs a lot of money. Funds from the Mulch Drive goes to pay for a long list of things to hold the band together, (since super glue alone won’t be enough.) And if there’s $25,000 ordered, you guys will be able to have a DJ at the band banquet! We are behind by about $5000 at this point and we need all your help to kick it up into high gear! Let every tree in our neighborhood be covered with our mulch!

Thanks, Band!

**A little extra weekend mulch competition……to the band that sells 550 bags or more COLLECTIVELY (your total sales for all kids in that band) over the 3-day weekend (From Thursday night to Sunday night) Ms. Gonzalez will personally buy you donuts to enjoy in your band class Monday (Tuesday for concert band).**