Uniform Care

Marching Uniform

General information

PLEASE take care of the uniform. A significant amount of flamingo-ing money and hundreds of hours have been spent on uniforms and uniform additions. Thank you.

On contest days, a small group of parents get the students ready to march. Let us know promptly if you have a uniform problem. If at any time, there is a loose snap, ripped out hem or other needed repair, please EMAIL THE UNIFORM COMMITTEE ASAP if you need help to fix it. NEVER cut any portion of the uniform.

YOU WILL BE CHARGED if your uniform parts are ruined due to incorrect care. FOLLOW these instructions to avoid charges.

Uniform Care Instructions

General Reminders to Keep the Uniform Looking Sharp

  • Write your name inside of both of your marching shoes with a Sharpie!
  • The student is responsible for all assigned uniform parts and their care.
  • Student provides black calf-high socks.
  • Underneath the formal uniform students should wear this year’s show shirt and close-fitting running shorts or spandex biking shorts. This helps when they are changing. THE UNIFORMS ARE CLOSE FITTING SO BAGGY/BASKETBALL SHORTS WILL NOT WORK!
  • The blue garment bag should be used to transport the uniform to/from school. The mesh bag should contain wrist bands, gloves, socks.
  • Do not leave dirty, smelly clothes, socks, and shoes in the blue bag with your uniform!
  • DO NOT carry shoes and hat boxes in the blue bag.
  • The hatboxes are very fragile and should be handled with care…there are no replacements!

Cleaning instructions

  • Bib pants-Empty pockets, zip. Turn inside out.
  • WASH ONLY IN COOL WATER, gentle cycle >>>NEVER wash your uniform in hot water
  • Turn the jacket inside out and zip it.
  • NO BLEACH. NO detergent soap with bleach.
  • Liquid detergent (no bleach) is suggested to keep white residue away
  • NO liquid fabric softener-you may use 1 dryer sheet
  • Wash bibbers and jacket together but separate from other items in cool water on gentle cycle
  • Dry on cool or permanent press setting
  • REMOVE your uniform from dryer immediately and place on hanger
  • Do NOT Press! Take your uniform to the uniform moms if you have wrinkles
  • Dry your uniform COMPLETELY before storing in the garment bag.
  • DO NOT wash gauntlets or hat wraps – take them to uniform moms if you have issues.
  • ALWAYS hang your bibbers (pants) folded at the leg front ironed crease.
  • Do not wash hat wraps or gauntlets-if there are problems, bring them to the uniform room
  • If you must get wrinkles out, it is best just to dampen the uniform and place in the dryer again for a few minutes. If you need to press the uniform, YOU MUST use very, very low heat and a pressing cloth to avoid ruining the uniform. Improper use of an iron WILL leave a “shiny” mark on the fabric. The surface of the iron should NEVER touch the uniform fabric.

These uniforms must last 10 years—treat them like the champion marching band that you are!

Contact the Uniform committee if you have questions.

End of Year Instructions

  • Return your CLEAN uniform and all of the uniform parts in good condition, on the original hanger in the garment bag.
  • Leave your name tag on the garment bag.
  • Do not leave personal items like shoes and socks in the bag!
  • Please do not leave the hatbox inside the garment bag.

Dance Guard Uniform

(This information will be updated for 2021 as details become available.)

2021 Dance Guard Costume Cleaning Instructions

We want all the costumes to maintain the exact same colors, so do not include any other items with the costumes when washing. Turn the dresses inside out to protect the sequins as much as possible.

Wash in cold water on the Delicate or Hand Wash cycle. Regular laundry soap is fine, but you can also use Woolite or similar delicate laundry soap. If possible, pre-treat bad stains with Shout or something similar.

Remove from the washer when done and hang up the dresses to dry. Do not hang by the neck of the dress; hang it where the waist part of the dress is on the hanger. Please do not put the dresses through the dryer – the sequins will lose their color.

Concert Uniform

Cleaning Instructions for Concert Attire

<updated information for 2021-22 concert uniforms coming soon>

Tux pants and jacket must be dry-cleaned. Students are responsible for the cost of dry cleaning.
Tux shirts should be machine-washed. Dry cleaning leaves the shirt gray, but you can ask the dry cleaner to LAUNDER them.
Bow ties and cummerbunds should be dry cleaned, only if needed.
Dresses can be dry cleaned OR they can be machine-washed on cold and dried on warm.
Remove dress promptly to prevent wrinkles. DO NOT IRON!

If at any time, there is a loose snap, ripped out hem or other needed repair, please email the uniform parents if you need help to fix it. Remember that uniforms may NOT be permanently altered, unless discussed with the uniform staff FIRST.

End of Season Instructions for Concert Season Uniform

Clean uniform per cleaning/washing instructions above.
Please do not put bow ties and cummerbunds in tux pockets; hook them on the hanger. Hang all tux parts in hanging bag.
Return dress in the dry cleaning bag provided at the beginning of the year.