Tuesday, Oct 23

Where:  Toney Burger Center, 3200 Jones Rd, Austin, TX 78745

When:  Our PERFORMANCE TIME at Burger is 8pm

Kids will be released at 4:30, just like a game day.  Show Shirt is the under-bibber attire.  They will be served pizza dinner and quickly change into marching uniform.  We will depart Anderson at 6pm.  Performance time is 8pm and as soon as we are done we will load buses and head back to Anderson.


There will be an admission fee for all spectators. Adults – $5.00, students ages 5-17, $3.00. Spectators will get their hands stamped as they enter and that will allow them admission to and from the event for the remainder of the day.

Band students will not be charged an admission fee after their performance if they wish to go into the stands to watch the remaining bands in their performance block. These students should remain in uniform or their band shirt. Please enter through the main gate. They may sit OUTSIDE OF THE CENTER SECTION ISLES AND RAILINGS. The Center section of the home side is reserved for paid spectators.

Directors will receive passes for staff/chaperones upon arrival. Please let the monitor know how many passes you will need when you check-in. Please reserve the passes for those parents who are traveling with you on your busses or pit trucks. You will receive 1 for each 10 band members, with a maximum of 20 passes.


Enclosed is a map of the facilities that includes the spectator parking area, the trailer and prop/equipment area, bus parking for the performing bands, warm-up areas, and the field entrance and exits. Event Monitors will greet you when you reach the bus parking area. Please check-in no later than 30 minutes prior to your warm up so that you will have time to park, change and move to your warm up area on time. Restrooms are available for dressing under the stands if your groups need to change upon arriving.

Concession stands will be open for the duration of the event until about 30 minutes prior to the last group.

Pepwear will have a booth set up on the Home side of the stadium. They will have t-shirts and assorted merchandise available for sale after your band’s performance. Most items fall within $5 to $25.