Our Mulch drive is now in FULL SWING!!!  

Each section will go out as a team once to get 200 flyers delivered.  This should take them roughly an hour and it’s our ‘spring’ version of flamingo-ing….good news is you only have to go out once for a very short period of time and DONE!  Every team section leader will be rallying their section for the paper-flyer blitz!  Each team has a territory to cover so we don’t over saturate an area.  

Attached to this blast below is a flyer, and a letter in both word form and PDF form that you can distribute to friends and family!




MEMBER GOAL:  We can reach this if every member sells 25 bags of mulch….Most people buy 15-20 bags of mulch to cover their lawn, trees and flowerbed. Start asking neighbors, family and friends. Now is the time to mulch! Every member should sell 25 bags or select the ‘opt out donation’ option!

Don’t want to do mulch?  There is an opt out option to make a $65 donation in lieu of purchasing.  Go to the Trojan Band Store and also shoot Ms. Gonzalez an email to let her know you are choosing that route!

MULCH PICK-UP/DELIVERY will be Saturday, APRIL 6. Deadline to order is MARCH 26! If you buy 10 bags or more and live within the Anderson or feeder schools attendance zones, your mulch can be delivered. For orders of less than 10 bags, pick-up will be at Anderson High School. This year we are selling mulch for $5 a bag in 5 bag increments. If you need lots of mulch, we have a bulk mulch option as well. Bulk mulch will be delivered on a different day and coordinated between you and the vendor. Do you love band but hate mulch? There is an “opt out” option to make a $65 donation in lieu of purchasing. If you need help determining the amount of mulch to purchase, use this handy mulch calculator!

FULL BAND GOAL: $20,000 in SALES (that’s $10,000 Profit for the band!)

WHY ARE WE SELLING MULCH?!?! Every year the band boosters set up their budget with fundraising goals in mind. Fundraising keeps our fair share lower than many surrounding school districts. ABBA’s 3 fundraisers are: flamingo-ing (summer), ACL (April 23) and Spring Mulch (April 6). What does this money pay for? A FEW EXAMPLES – The expenses of the big blue band trailer like license and registration, maintenance and repair, and licensing of new parent drivers (approximately $8,000 to $10,000), savings for a new band trailer of large repairs needed down the line such as tires, the marching band drill (approximately $10,000), part of the music arrangement of the marching band music (about $4000) and the field staff, clinicians, masterclass teachers and instructors we bring in throughout the year to work with the band (roughly $20,000), half of the band banquet expenses, this year ABBA bought a new ice machine ($3,000) for the band. Again, fundraising helps us provide those necessary items to improve the band experience for our kids.  It also keeps us from doing fundraisers that require many many hours of work like concession stands (which many bands do!).

We wanted to make this fun…..so there are a few student incentives….

IF WE SELL 18,000 in sales (9,000 profit) ABBA will provide a vast candy buffet for the band banquet

IF WE SELL 22,000 in sales (11,000 profit) ABBA will provide a candy buffet AND Photo booth for the band banquet

IF WE SELL 25,000 in total sales ABBA will provide a candy buffet, photo booth AND DJ for the band banquet as well as reward the winning section/team with a LIMO RIDE to the banquet.

Let’s get selling! Buy online to www.www.andersontrojanband.com OR talk your favorite Trojan band member for the paper order form.